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This website is a private initiative, established by former Operators of The South African Police Special Task Force. The purpose of this initiative is to document the culture, history, professional experiences and capability of this super-successful and well known; as well as much under-documented Special Forces Unit; officially known as The South African Police Special Task Force.

To briefly introduce them, The South African Police Special Task Force (SAP STF) is the special operations element of the South African Police (SAP); and considered to be amongst the best of such Units in the world.

They have a formidable reputation in counter terrorism, counter insurgency and hostage rescue and like their military special forces counter parts, are internationally regarded has being deadly exponents in the art of bush warfare.


The SAP Special Task Force REVISED EDITION; the “One & Only” book about this once so ever secretive Unit is now available for purchase directly from the Author (for a personalized signed edition) or through the contact links below.

Black & White Edition: groep7-selfpublish-books.co.za/product/the-sap-special-task-force-shane-wade-willard/

Colour Edition: groep7-selfpublish-books.co.za/product/the-sap-special-task-force-shane-wade-willard-colour/ For our international clientele and Brothers it is available on www.amazon.com

The book is now available only in softcover; with a few limited-editions available for purchase directly from the Author only; POR. The limited-edition hard cover book has a dust cover with pristine colour photos and a unique number; and signed by the Author. These books have mainly been sold to ex-members of this Unit, as well as collectors of military memorabilia and books. The buyers of this limited-edition book also have first preference in buying the BOOK/COLLECTORS-COIN numbered in conjunction with their numbered limited-edition book. The owner will then have a Collectors book/coin collection combination; one that not many owns, in fact only 200 in the world!


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